Saturday Morning Rehearsals

Tuesday Evening Rehearsals

My name is Aly Cardinalli and I am a teacher of Hawaiian dance, culture, history, and spirituality. I was raised on Maui, in the desolate Keanae peninsula, where culture and a connection to our community was nourished through our respect for the land and our spirituality.

Within the hula community, a kumu (teacher) is someone who teaches more than just dance. We model behavior for the students in how we are to function with each other, teaching connection to the past through our stories, keeping the language alive, and cultivating an environment for acceptance, learning, and grace.

Through classes and cultural programs, I invite everyone to feel the joy and spirit of aloha rooted in Hawai’i. Hula revives a fading culture as a vibrant legacy for indigenous Polynesian people as an exuberant source of power, spirit, and knowledge for all.

I offer a range of virtual hula classes, including dance & history classes, workshops, residencies, cultural programming and wellness tools. My goal is to help people engage in diverse communities through relatable immersive experiences of Hawai’i and offer new tools for healthy living, understanding, care, and collaboration.

During virtual learning and social distancing, my goal is to provide you with songs, language, stories, and dance from Hawai’i as a wellness program to promote physical and emotional well- being by fostering a connection from our physical self to our expressive self then into our ability to have aloha for each other. I invite all of my students to travel to the most remote part of the world without leaving the safety of their homes.

Hula is specifically designed to be accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Community members will feel empowered to participate no matter where they are in their journey into holistic health, dance, or indigenous philosophy.