Our Mission

Druid Theater Arts seeks to use the transformative power of the arts to inspire and nurture the human spirit.  We will continue the work of cultural competence and color-conscious programming through our members, partners, and stakeholders. This intention empowers creativity, inspires audiences, and facilitates a friendly, encouraging, and professional “share-learn” environment. It is by working toward these three goals that we will create vibrant, equitable, and tolerant communities across Maryland and the world. 

Our Vision

  • Accept and encourage artists by means of multicultural sensitivity

  • Offer High Quality Education Through High Quality Treatment at Economically Accessible Rates

  • Train Performers to be Marketable and Humble

  • Dismantle “fear-based” thinking in the Performing Arts

  • Encourage Peer & Professional mentoring

  • Discover and develop individual plans for staff, students, and performers

  • Establish a holistic performing arts education system

  • Require continued professional development from staff

  • Construct & Implement an ethical arts business and community

  • Model professional relationships, in the classroom, outside class, and in teaching

  • Hire staff who are committed to the arts teaching profession

  • Manage effectively and efficiently

  • Empower employees and students to thrive creatively

  • Utilize the Performing Arts as a means to teach decision making, job readiness, and life coping skills

  • Actualize current health education and strategies for the Performing Arts Profession.

  • Support Education through Theatrical Hierarchy and Grievance Procedures

  • Love the Arts, and give art to those who love the arts.