Are we right for you?

If you answer yes to these things, we are the perfect school for you!

1) Do you want to be a part of a culturally competent education?

2) Are you hungry for a community that celebrates color-conscious casting and education?

3) Are you over the age of 13

4) Do you prefer classes where there are many adults also?

5) Avoid competition and competitive dance?

6) Classes year round?

8) Teachers with certifications and minimum 7 years professional performing experience, and who teach holistically, which includes the culture of the dance, it's history, and what is relevant today?

9) Classes that push you to be the best dancer you can with individual care?

10) Belief that the dance itself is fun, and we don't have to water it down in order to have students?


Classes remain online until there is a sure-fire way for students and teachers to not infect?

Then come join us!