The Board

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Aly Cardinalli

Tracey Durr

Executive Director

Stephanie Solyst

Artistic Director


Jen Della Zanna

Vice President

Carolyn Rowland

Noribelle Ordono

Social Media Coordinator


The Vision

Where It All Began

Everyone at INSPIRATION is treated individually.  Supporting an environment where students do not compete with each other. Students and staff encourage our artists to fulfill their dreams and become the artist they are destined to be, whether it's professionally or for recreational.

A dance studio, acting school, and vocal studio are all under one roof and unlike anything you've visited before.  We are a year round school which focuses on one program performing at a time, so that students are always getting stronger as performers and in their technique.

Syllabus Classes: Classical Ballet, Contemporary Pointe, Tap, Theatre Dance, Acting, Pop Singing, Modern, Jazz, and Contemporary. This school is inspired by the Hawaiian culture, to cultivate the individual in an encouraging environment that trains the artist in self-worth, confidence, technique, and responsibility while crafting their skills as a performer.  We don't believe that students should compete with each other.  Instead each student is taught to develop themselves and encourage their classmates to be the best individual artist that they can be. 

Keys to the school


Our teaching styles, methods, and interactions are geared towards preparing you for a life in a working environment.  Students rarely have the opportunity to have a relationship with adults as a 'boss.'  Our teachers are friendly, engaged in your life, but maintain professional boundaries, preparing you for the kinds of relationships you'll find in the real world!


We believe that every student has something beautiful and individual to offer as a contribution to the performing arts, utilizing their own talents.  Therefore, we train our students that way as well.  We do not train for trick-heavy or cookie-cutter performers.  Our students are artists.


If you want to begin the journey in dance, acting, or singing, you are NOT too old.  We have beginning students in all ages from middle school, high school, and adult students and we treat you as if you can do it!  Fulfill your dreams and become a performer, today!


Welcoming.  Kindness. Love.  Family.  Your teachers are your mentors and guides for life when you attend INSPIRATION.  Constantly helping you become the artist you can be.  Your peers become friends and family, learning and growing with a support system that will be with you in your heart forever.


Instead of teaching through rote dictatorship, our teachers are passionate about show business and the performing arts, sharing all they can with their students.

"The school I wish I had gone to."

John Selya 
(American Ballet Theatre, Movin' Out, Come Fly Away, Guys & Dolls)

Hi Mr. Aly,  I wanted to write a quick note to show my gratitude on how far Abigail has developed in the few months you have worked with her.  Her confidence and love for dance, singing, and acting is so obvious on stage.  Watching her last week at the show and again last night at the school production was evidence on her love and growth.  Thank you to you and your teachers for helping your students develop their passion.  As a parent I appreciate good influences on my children.
Thank you for all you do!

Robin C

A variety of classes and offerings, and all of them stellar. It is nice to have professional level of instruction in a warm and inviting environment. Very student-focused without the drama (fellow dance parents will understand this). Emphasis on learning and supporting one another (as opposed to fierce competition). Truly a breath of fresh air!  Top-notch education; friendly and professional staff. If your child has a burning passion, a passing interest or a piqued curiosity for dance, acting or vocal performance, you should check them out! Also have performance opportunities which are open audition, not just for current students.

Heidi H

Very good people. Aly (the dean) seems to truly know how to care for each individual.

Erin B

Love this place! Mr.Cardinalli is a brilliant director and instructor. He makes sure he understands how each child learns best so he can give everyone the best education they can get. He is a brilliant choreographer and is a very certified instructor. He has certifications in many different subjects. He is a very versatile instructor and can teach almost any style. He also teaches voice and acting, and his background includes being a performer. He keeps the environment of ASI positive, inspiring and welcoming. Love everything about it.

Anonny M.

My daughter joined the school last July. she was shy and scared at first but the students and the staff welcomed her with open arms, as if she was family. She used to be very shy and didn't have any friends in the area. So, if she wasn't in her room singing, she was on the swings at the playground singing.  I found out about the school when my family and I were at the Celebrate Damascus parade last year.  I got handed a flyer, talked it over with Katrina and proceeded to call.  Mr. Aly answered the phone and it felt like we were friends for years the way we were talking.Now my daughter is now a member of the National Junior Honors Society. She's been brought out of her shell, the relationship with her family is better, she has made wonderful friends and so much more! I am forever grateful and thankful for Mr. Aly and all the other wonderfully awesome teachers there. They have helped her so much and she is just so happy. If anyone ever brings up acting, dance or voice lessons, I always recommend The American School of Inspiration.  Also,  it's not just for children.

J. Thornton

Mr. Cardinalli, is a seasoned artist who is both an excellent dancer, singer and actor. So he understands what it is to be a performer. But, he is also an outstanding choreographer AND director. Mr. Cardinalli clearly gave attention to all of these elements and conveyed his vision to the outstanding cast. The result was a magical night in the theater. With Mr. Cardinalli you get someone ready, willing and able to give you 110%!

Paul Janes-Brown

Aly, I'm enjoying reading your articles, especially the one about adult dance. I took up tap at 60, and 10 years later, going strong! I will forever remember my trip to Maui and your dance classes. Thank you! You are a great person.